Pipeline case study (continued)

Nearly four years after the installation of the 6” Articulating Block Mat the creek still flows between the ARMORFORM protected embankments with no apparent damage to the system. The mats are completely intact and are providing the necessary protection to the creek’s embankments to insure that the pipeline will not be re exposed.

Completed ARMORFORM 6” ABM installation (looking downstream)

Other Installations

ARMORFORM has been utilized to protect a pipeline or fiber optic cable in several projects. If the pipeline or fiber optic cable crosses a creek the potential for erosion of the creek bed to expose the pipeline or cable is imminent. Shown here are photographs of just a couple of projects in which ARMORFORM was utilized to protect these crossings.

ARMORFORM ABM being installed over a fiber optic cable crossing in a shallow creek.

ARMORFORM ABM mat being installed over a restored pipeline crossing

ABM mat before concrete injection

(looking upstream)

ABM Mat after concrete injection

(looking downstream)