Case Studies


A once buried pipeline that is now exposed can be of serious concern. When Colonial Pipeline found out that a 16 diameter pipeline that had once been buried well beneath Raccoon Creek in North Georgia was now exposed they required immediate action. Find out how ARMORFORM Articulating Block Mat was utilized to control the erosive forces of the creek so that the pipeline would not be re exposed.



ARMORFORM has been utilized in many different applications. Wherever erosion is a problem or of concern ARMORFORM can help. Here are just a few projects in which ARMORFORM was selected as the solution to a serious erosion control problem.



Providing erosion protection on steep landfill caps and surrounding drainage channels.


In the summer of 1995, a large coal company in West Virginia, was in the process of upgrading an overflow spillway at their coal refuse slurry impoundment facility in Boone County, West Virginia. The new spillway would need to be constructed directly over coarse coal refuse, and provide a safe means of transporting large volumes of water over a distance of approximately 1,700 feet (520 meters).



ARMORFORM FPM helps to remove flood waters in a suburban Atlanta neighborhood.