Concrete Mix Design

CONCRETE MIX DESIGN: A pumpable fine aggregate concrete (structural grout) is utilized in the construction of all ARMORFORM revetments. As an aid to pumpability, a pozzolan grade fly ash may be substituted for up to 35% of the cement. Mixes designed with 5% to 8% air content will have improved pumpability and resistance to freeze-thaw. A retarding admixture may be used in hot weather.


Excess mixing water expelled through the permeable ARMORFORM fabric will reduce the volume of fluid structural grout from 27 cu. ft. to approximately 25 cu. ft. of hardened grout and also reduce the water / cement ratio from approximately 0.7 to approximately 0.4..


Fine aggregate concrete consistency should be in the 9-11 second range when passed though the 3/4” orifice of the standard flow cone described in ASTM C-939-93. Tests utilizing a concrete slump cone are not appropriate.

ARMORFORM is pumped and formed under pressure. This method provides superior  strength and durability when compared to conventional concrete forming. Tests show that structural grout pumped into ARMORFORM is 1.5 to 1.75 times stronger, plus it absorbs 5% less water.


The ARMORFORM system is ideal for situations requiring resistance to mild concentration of acid, alkali, salt or petrochemicals. With minimal water absorption, ARMORFORM also resists freeze - thaw action.



Concrete that is pumped into ARMORFORM is 1.5 to 1.75 times stronger than conventionally formed concrete.

Typical Range of Mix Proportions (approx. 3,000 psi)


Mix Proportions

Lbs./cu. Yd.

After Placement

Lbs./cu. Yd.




Sand (FM 2.60)







as required