Articulating  Block Mat (ABM)

Articulating Block Mat (ABM) is formed with a double layer woven fabric, joined together into a matrix of rectangular compartments each separated by a narrow perimeter of interwoven fabric and containing interconnecting high strength revetment cables. Articulating Block Mat  forms are positioned on the area to be protected, where they are filled with pumpable fine aggregate concrete (structural grout) to form a mattress of individual blocks in a bonded block pattern. The high strength revetment cables become embedded in the blocks to tie the blocks together and enable the revetment to resist tension in all directions. Patented separate cable duct design assures that the revetment cables will be positioned securely in the center of each block. Relief of hydrostatic uplift pressure, caused by entrapped and ground water, is provided through the narrow perimeter of interwoven fabric after the grout has hardened. Articulating Block Mat (ABM) is custom fabricated into multiple mill width panels, designed to fit actual site dimensions and topography.

Articulating Block Mat being pumped.

Articulating Block Mat used to protect a retaining wall.



ABM is used where velocities are low to high, bedload and ice formations are light to heavy and a roughness coefficient of  N = 0.045 to 0.050 is acceptable.


ABM is used where wave action is light to heavy.


ABM is ideal for underwater placement.


ABM is recommended where subgrade deformation is expected.


ABM is available in custom sizes, other than those shown on this web site.


ABM size







sq. ft.


cu. yard of


4" ABM

20" X 14" X 4"

90 lbs.

47 lbs.

73 sq. ft.

6" ABM

20" X 20" X 6"

195 lbs.

70 lbs.

49 sq. ft.

8" ABM

30" X 22" X 8"

420 lbs.

93 lbs.

36 sq. ft.