The ARMORFORM Advantage

Text Box: ARMORFORM is a unique product which has several advantages over more conventional methods of hard armor, for instance:
Text Box: Unlike conventional concrete, ARMORFORM can be installed underwater.

Unlike rip rap, ARMORFORM is of consistent size and weight. ARMORFORM will also function as a mat (with a fairly low Mannings N value) instead of individual units. This allows the designer to utilize an ARMORFORM mat of considerably less thickness and weight to equal the performance of rip rap.

Unlike rip rap, gabions or precast concrete block mats, ARMORFORM can be installed without the use of heavy equipment. Since the concrete is pumped into the mat through a hose, the trucks delivering the concrete can also be parked up to several hundred feet away from the actual site. This allows for installations in even the most inaccessible project sites.

Unlike most other hard armor systems, ARMORFORM is simply a form for concrete. Concrete is then purchased from a local supplier of choice. By simply shipping the light-weight forms to the project site (and not the actual armor unit itself) the client can save as much as 30% off of the overall cost of project simply due to much lower freight costs. EXAMPLE: shipping 100,000 sq. ft. of 8 inch thick precast concrete block mats to a project site would require over 200 flat-bed tractor-trailers at a cost $500.00 each, or more. That totals over $100,000 simply to ship the units to the project. The same quantity of 8 inch ARMORFORM Articulating Block Mat (ABM) would require less than 1 tractor-trailer. 

With the introduction of our new ARMORFORM Vegetal Mat (VGM) the system can be backfilled with top soil and revegetated, providing a fully articulating hard armor system underneath.

ARMORFORM is a proven product with literally tens of millions of square feet installed over the past 20+ years. We firmly believe in ARMORFORM and its ability to provide a unique and proven solution to permanent hard armor erosion control. The design approach for ARMORFORM is nearly the same as that of poured concrete.