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Providing Innovative Solutions for Permanent Hard Armor Erosion Control in Construction Projects

Your Solution to Permanent Hard Armor Erosion Control

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Fabric Formed Concrete Revetment Systems With Over 35 Years of Proven Success

Find out why ARMORFORM® is the best option for your hard armoring solutions.



In 1984, the principal styles of fabric-formed concrete restorations were developed. The ARMORFORM® trade name has been established and has remained an industry leader for over 35 years!



ARMORFORM® is available in various styles and thicknesses. The Uniform Section Mat (USM), Filter Point Mat (FPM), and Articulating Block Mat (ABM) are the four primary styles manufactured by Carolina Yarn and Fabrics, LLC. In addition, various other products are available, including Armor Bag concrete form works, pile jackets, grout socks, and Eco Flex re-vegetating block mats.



ARMORFORM® is a proven product with millions of square feet installed nationwide. ARMORFORM® fabric-formed concrete revetments continue to set the bar in erosion protection by consistently outperforming traditional concrete slope paving, gabions, precast concrete blocks, and rip rap.



ARMORFORM® follows an effective methodology to install a mat both safely and swiftly. Find out the steps needed to install an ARMORFORM® mat today.