Concrete Solutions

A 3d model of a beige cushion on a white background.

Filter Point Mat (FPM)

It is an erosion-resistant, permeable concrete lining formed with a double-layer woven fabric, joined together by interwoven filter points (drains). Once pumped, the cobbled surface and relatively high coefficient of friction act to reduce velocity and wave run-up. The filter points provide for the relief of hydrostatic uplift pressure, increasing the system’s stability.

A 3d model of a mattress on a white background.

Uniform Section Mat (USM)

It is formed with a double-layer woven fabric, joined together by spacer cords on closely spaced centers to produce a mat of uniform thickness. Similar to traditional concrete slope paving, USM creates a solid, high-quality concrete lining with low hydraulic resistance for use in various lining and erosion resistance applications.

A 3d model of a bed with pillows on it.

Articulating Block Mat (ABM)

It is formed with a double-layer woven fabric, joined together into a matrix of rectangular compartments, each separated by a narrow perimeter of interwoven fabric and containing interconnecting high-strength revetment cables. Similar to precast block mats, once pumped, the ABM is designed to permit differential settling and block articulation.

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Armor Bags

It is custom fabricated to fit job site requirements. Inlet valves, attached by fabric flange to a slit in the surface of the bag, provide positive self-closure. Armor Bags offer an effective, adaptable, and economical alternative to the expensive and labor-intensive placement of rip rap—heavy boulders or large precast concrete blocks.

A 3d model of a brick wall.

Eco-Flex Articulating Block Mat (EABM)

Shall be woven in such a manner as to provide a woven double-layer, joined into a matrix of rectangular compartments (blocks), each separated by an area of non-woven yarn to produce a 25% open cell mat.

An underwater pipe with a yellow rope attached to it.

Seabed Technologies LLC (SBT)

It is a new business unit founded to manufacture patent-pending marine concrete construction mattresses with our proprietary cost-saving process.