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Les Thompson, President

Mr. Thompson has over 40 years of experience in engineering, design, and construction, primarily in the fields of erosion remediation, stream-bank restoration, pipeline geo-hazard mitigation, and the installation of various systems designed to stabilize these complicated issues. As the owner of a civil construction and pipeline services company launched in 1980, Mr. Thompson has been involved in the design and installation of over 20 million square feet of fabric-formed concrete. His belief in Armorform's ability to out-perform and out-price the vast number of products available on the market led him to pursue the business of manufacturing fabric-formed concrete for his construction company. As a "turnkey" contractor, Mr. Thompson held the liability of both the engineer and the installer. His choice to utilize fabric-formed concrete as the product of choice, and ultimately the purchase of Carolina Yarn and Fabrics, LLC in 2013, is a true testament to this product's superior performance.

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Kyle Worrell, Vice President

Mr. Worrell has a unique diversification of focus within civil engineering, including hydraulics and hydrology, erosion and sedimentology, fluvial geomorphology, and structural design. He has estimated, designed, and managed a wide range of projects, including grading, paving, underground utilities, stormwater, design-build, and extensive erosion remediation projects. He has experience in both the private and public sectors and extensive training in project management, design, and negotiating skills. Mr.Worrell has been involved in the installation of over 5 million square feet of fabric-formed concrete. As a member of the ASTM D35 Geosynthetic Committee, Mr. Worrell is responsible for reviewing and developing new specifications concerning fabric-formed concrete revetments.

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Tom Ewing, Production Manager

Mr. Ewing has been with Carolina Yarn and Fabrics, LLC since 2014 and currently serves as Operations Manager at our South Carolina weaving facility. Tom has over 40 years of experience in fabric design, development, and production experience in basic fabric formation to very complex weaves for use in high-performance, mechanical, and environmental applications throughout many industries. He is responsible for managing all internal weaving resources, including fabric development, sewing operations, production, and acquisition of resources required to design and manufacture the full Armorform line of products. Tom is a hands-on weaving expert with vast experience in the operation, repair, and modification of weaving equipment, as well as many other forms of textile equipment.

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