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Armor Bags

It is custom fabricated to fit job site requirements. Inlet valves, attached by fabric flange to a slit in the surface of the bag, provide positive self-closure. Armor Bags offer an effective, adaptable, and economical alternative to the expensive and labor-intensive placement of rip rap—heavy boulders or large precast concrete blocks.

Available in a wide assortment of dimensions to ensure compatibility with your applications. The bags provide the formwork required to cast concrete elements with the mass and stability to withstand the waves and/or rapidly flowing water. The concrete grout bags may be placed side-by-side or stacked to form an inherently interlocked concrete structure. Armor Bags can be positioned and filled with concrete from the surface in shallow water or by divers in deeper water. Since they are cast in place, they intimately adapt to variations in the sub-grade or bottom contours.

Technical Data

Typical Range of Mix Proportions

Cement 750–850 810–920
Sand (FM 2.60) 2030–2120 2195–2290
Water 485–555 360–430
Air As Required N/A

Durable Defense With Armor Bags