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Articulating Block Mat

is formed with a double-layer woven fabric, joined together into a matrix of rectangular compartments, each separated by a narrow perimeter of interwoven fabric and containing interconnecting high-strength revetment cables. Similar to precast block mats, once pumped, the ABM is designed to permit differential settling and block articulation.

Form a mattress of individual blocks in a bonded block pattern. The revetment cables become embedded in the blocks to tie the blocks together and resist tension in all directions. The patented separate cable duct design assures that the revetment cables will be positioned securely in the center of each block. Relief of hydrostatic uplift pressure is provided through the narrow perimeter of interwoven fabric after the grout has hardened. ABM is custom fabricated into multiple mill-width panels, designed to fit the actual site dimensions and topography.

Technical Data

Articulating Block Mat (ABM)

3" ABM 20" x 11" x 3" 35 lbs./sq. Ft. 97 sq. ft./cy N = 0.045–0.050
4" ABM 20" x 14" x 4" 47 lbs./sq. Ft. 73 sq. ft./cy N = 0.045–0.050
6" ABM 20" x 20" x 6" 70 lbs./sq. Ft. 49 sq. ft./cy N = 0.045–0.050
8" ABM 30" x 22" x 8" 93 lbs./sq. Ft. 36 sq. ft./cy N = 0.045–0.050

Typical Range of Mix Proportions

Cement 750–850 810–920
Sand (FM 2.60) 2030–2120 2195–2290
Water 485–555 360–430
Air As Required N/A

Unveil Innovative Solutions With Articulating Block Mat

System 21

A versatile and eco-friendly approach to pipeline protection, it is designed to provide full mechanical protection for exposed pipelines within the creek bed utilizing ARMORFORM articulating block mat while promoting growth of local riparian vegetation within the mat along the creek banks, utilizing Eco-Flex™.

Designed for complete pipeline coverage within the creek bed utilizing Ercoform while promoting the growth of local riparian vegetation within the mat along the creek banks incorporating Eco-Flex. This is accomplished by a two-phase mat where an Ercoform solid mat and an Eco-Flex open-cell mat are combined during manufacturing and inflated on-site.